Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Scouting for a Garden Reception Venue in Quezon City

I prefer garden setting for the reception and I want it in to be in Quezon City. There are excellent garden venues in QC such as the famous Fernwood Gardens followed by Gazebo Royale when it comes to popularity. As expected, the tag price that comes with their popularity will cost us a lot of money. At that time (2007), Fernwood's prime venue which they call venue A (the one with the pond housing swans and janitor fishes) costs P90,000. This excludes the church inside which costs P25,000. On top of that, Fernwood requires only their accredited caterers to serve the food for your guests; the lowest budget per head at that time costs P650. On the other hand, Gazebo Royale's venue costs P56,000 up depending on the size of the hall that will be booked. It also has accredited caterers.

It was like bulk of the budget will just go to the venue, and it is not practical. I said to myself, forget your dream wedding to be held in Fernwoods or in Gazebo Royale! I need to be practical in such a way that the budget that we have allotted to our wedding will be utilized wisely. After all, it is our hard-earned money.

We searched for other garden venues over the internet and found other locations such as Ibarra's in Timog, Solea in Baler, and Mr. Hardinero along Quezon Avenue. Among these three, we have opted for Mr. Hardinero. Aside from its charm and romantic ambience, the rental cost is acceptable. At 12,000, it already includes tables and chairs good for 100 guests and basic sound system.
I did not avail of the chairs because I wanted to use Tiffany chairs even for the guests. Usually, Tiffany chairs are only for principal sponsors, groom and bride. I got Tiffany chairs from my caterer, which, of course, have separate pricing. Mr. Hardinero has its own catering services and has accredited caterers. At that time, the only accredited caterer was Hizon's. I was lucky because Hizon's is really my choice. It also allows other caterers if you prefer other than the ones in their list. However, a corkage fee will be charged.

These are the pictures of the venue when we conducted ocular inspection.

The stage with gazebo for the bride & groom. It can also accommodate 30 persons more, usually the parents and principal sponsors are seated here.

How the stage looks like at night. The red cemented floor used to be Bermuda grass but the owner had it cemented so the chairs and heels of the ladies won't get stuck on the soil.
Mr. Hardinero by the way is an old house turned into wedding reception business. The old house is just directly across the stage. The area on the left can be used other purposes such as caterer's area, resting place for the guests, or nook for displaying photo exhibits.

The entire venue can also be used for Christian weddings. The picture below is an area to hold the wedding ceremony. It can also be used by the caterers.

To check out the area, Mr. Hardinero at 363 Quezon Avenue, Quezon City.
Also learn their other services by visiting their website www.mrhardinero.com


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A very clever Idea, turning your house into a " CAN BE RECEPTION AREA" well that's two in 1 purpose and less capital!

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Small bits of content which are explained in details, helps me understand the topic, thank you!


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