Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Our Prenup Pictorial at The Greenery Baliuag, Bulacan

Tita Ellen Tuyay suggested two locations for the prenup pictorial, one in Pampanga and the other one in Baliuag, Bulacan. We searched the websites of the two locations in the internet. From the pictures that we saw, we have chosen The Greenery in Baliuag, Bulacan primarily because my husband's interest with lighthouses.

We were asked to bring eight sets of clothes. As much as possible the color of my top should be of the same color as that of my husband's. Why? Because the solid color will bring out the best in our pictures. It was as if we were celebrities heading to a pictorial. I was with my Mom who temporarily served as my P.A. :P Thanks, Mom! Also with us was our stylist and make-up artist friend.
It was a two hour trip; the place is quite difficult to find. The map that we were able to download from the website did not provide complete directional information. Thanks to our driver who patiently asked for the right directions.

We arrived at the location at exactly 3:00 in the afternoon, the best time to conduct the photo shoot because sun has started to set offering a better lighting. Our photographers arrived one hour late because they also got lost. See, it was their third time to go to the place but it was really not that easy to locate. After a short while, we were all ready and started the photo shoot. We were both asked to pose like models so we felt we were like models shooting for a lifestyle magazine. The Greenery was a perfect choice because it has different themes and favorable sceneries that differentiate the mood of the photos taken.

panoramic view of the lighthouse

the light house up close illuminated by the moonlight

a gazebo at the end of a pathway overlooking a pleasant view of the river

the railway leading to verdant views

tall trees in a row, a perfect spot to strike a pose

The photo shoot lasted for three hours. It was tiring but it was very rewarding when we saw from the preview of our photographers' SLR cameras that our pictures were excellently done.

The prenup pictorial is included in the package. For Metro Manila locations, no additional fee. For locations outside Metro Manila, the groom and the bride have to shoulder for their transpo, food for the entire troop, and P3,000 fee for the photographers.

The Greenery's charge for the use of the venue is P2,000. It also has different ballrooms to accommodate themed weddings. For more info, visit The Greenery's website.


aCey said...

beautiful, beautiful location!

Wedding Glitters said...

Acey, thanks!:P