Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lego Duplo

I find it amazing how my 1 year and 8 months old son creatively thought of putting the Lego Duplo blocks together and perch an animal or human figure on the topmost blocks. I didn't fully realize that he quickly records in his mind every step of assembling the blocks and icons for him. I captured of a photo of these as remembrance of how proud I am as his mom to see his first Lego masterpieces.

As a first-time mom, this was a proof to me that children indeed are fast learners. They are like porous sponge that speedily absorbs everything being poured into their little minds. There is power in this little guy. :)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Back on my Blog

After seven months, it's only now that I get to find time to update my blog.
I hope to maintain the momentum in writing as often.

On another note, my little angel will be turning one on May 1. Im sooo excited for him! Can't wait to be in his 1st birthday party!

My sharing on his birthday prep will come on my next post.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rekindle the Love

Now that we have a child already, it is true that most of my time and attention go to our child. Add the fact that I'm a working mom, it is quite hard to manage time...honestly. Juggling things around and fulfilling each different role from a mom, a wife, a sister, a friend, a daughter, and and employee make me feel like I need high levels of energy each day. I wish I were super woman! Nevertheless, despite my weaknesses and flaws, I am grateful that people around me understand how I am. And I am especially thankful that my husband understands my shortcomings as a wife. He may not be very vocal about it but I can sense he is ogling for my time and attention.

I have read one interesting article from a magazine about ways on growing an amazing marriage. I may have focused so much attention to my child and work lately forgetting that marriage needs attention too. One thing I learned from it is that marriage does not take care of itself; rather, it should be nurtured and not to be taken for granted. I don't want to end up devastated one day when I realize too late that I have taken for granted the person I had dreamed to spend the rest of my life with. And so I came up with my own ways in growing our marriage. I should;

1. learn to appreciate what I have.
2. improve my way of communicating with my better half.
3. set non-negotiables when it comes to family bonding.
4. increase sensitivity to each other's needs and expectations.
5. invest time in nurturing our marriage.
6. ensure praying together.

What I've enumerated are easier said than done. It will really take a lot of effort to realize my goal of not only having a happy family but also an amazing marriage. Now I set one foot forward to start rekindling the fire of our love.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Bountiful Harvest from Farm Town

I bet all Facebook patrons would instantly relate to Farm Town, one of the most popularly played games in Facebook. I started opening an FB account very recently, and, on the first few weeks, I became hooked on it because the site is more interactive. To my calculation, it has more members than any other social networking sites. Apart from being interactive and cool features, it boasts of addicting games that one would definitely go crazy for. Well, I was one of those who went gaga over Farm Town. I liked the game because it was like as if I have my own farm to tend regularly. Literally, it gives me good harvests in the form of veggies, fruits, hogs, etc. It also enables me to landscape my land according to how I envision my dream farm to be. I couldn't excite you more until you try playing it yourself. I'm sure you will definitely love it!

Figuratively, on a deeper sense, I yielded "good harvest" in the form of valuable learnings. Important ones that are already in me but were further cultivated by my engrossment on the game. These are:

1. The value of hard work. At the start, I only have a small field where I can plant my seeds, and only one or two seeds that I could plant. In my desire to make my field grow, to buy more seeds, to afford farm essentials and luxuries, I need to diligently ensure that my crops would not go to waste. I was obligated yet determined to work hard, to plant the right seeds, to harvest them on time, and to sell them to the marketplace.
2. The value of perseverance. For me to realize my dream farm, I must persevere to generate as many "coins" as I can. The game allows me to generate money by selling my harvest and working for my neighbor's farms. This has motivated me in managing my time so I can be online by the time my crops are due for reaping.
3. The value of friendship and good relationships. I have neighboring friends who also own virtual farm. They hire me to work for their farms if their crops need to be gathered and if their fields need to be plowed. I do all the works for money; to keep the inflow, I must establish harmony in relating to my friends and neighbors, which I consider my partners in leading me to my dream farm.
4. The value of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs take risks, calculated or not, they strategize to keep the business in good shape. As I progress to higher levels, I was gestured in crafting my own strategies in going up the ladder faster yet maintaining a good balance of my farm's growth.
5.. The value of money. Money is an important resource. I was resolute not to spend and splurge my "hard-earned" coins for "wants". Rather, I exercise penny pinching and observe practicality by saving up for more important things I need for my farm. If I have extra, then that's the time I will satisfy wants.

Farm Town is no ordinary game. It teaches discipline that one can adapt to daily living and future undertakings. Be succumbed to it and see how it works for you. :)

Monday, July 13, 2009

On Motherhood

Motherhood is a gift. It has enabled me to provide unconditional love. It has made me complete as a woman. It has made me a better person. I am simply amazed how God wonderfully engineered a woman’s body to bear a child and to bring him to the world as a priceless present. Being able to successfully deliver our baby to the world, I am truly honored and privileged to have received such blessing.

I could never forget the experience of giving birth to our first born on May 1, 2009. Though hearing my baby’s first cry marked the reality of my being a mother, it has not yet fully dawned on me that I am already one; yes, until now! Perhaps the feeling of being a new mother just overwhelms me. I am adjusting to my new role. It was hard at first but I am learning the routine of feeding, changing diaper, bathing, bestowing touch therapy, giving vitamins, visiting Pedia, and so on. Eventhough my day is literally consumed of those routines, I see myself enjoying the new things I do. In my almost three months as a mom, I will rate myself the lowest on the scale because I am still a work in progress. Being a mom is the hardest job in the world. Every single “mom day” for me is a challenge sans the extravagant material reward. Despite that, I still get the grandest reward when my little angel flashes me a toothless grin. It inspires me to be better. It also sets as affirmation that what I did for him satisfied him and made him happy. No material thing could ever match the fulfillment I get from his innocent expression.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Epicurean Living

Have you heard about "Epicurean Living"? To me, it's my first encounter with the word. I learned about it when it was featured in Fit & Fab, a program in QTV 11. Simply put, it is best described as "celebration of life's pleasures". Each moment, be it glamorous, frivolous, funny, unusual, unexpected, or plain simple, can only be unique and special when truly enjoyed and shared with our loved ones.

Family, friends, religion, travel, music, work, food, hobbies, sport are some of the Epicurean sources of life. Now that I learned about it, i will start practicing living the Epicurean way. Some good examples I will do are these: savor my favorite food, enjoy a conversation with my husband, and treasure every single moment with our bundle of joy. There are so many things to enumerate; one thing is for sure, each will definitely be celebrated.

Friday, June 5, 2009

It's Nice to be Out Again!

Yesterday was my scheduled check up with my OB, five weeks after i delivered. Since it's my first time after giving birth to go out again, there's some sort of excitement in me. After the check up, my cousin and I went to the mall. I also took the opportunity to do some errands like paying bills, buying personal stuff, and grabbing some baby stuff that i think my baby would need. There are just so many things at the baby section; most of the items are totally attractive! If I am an impulsive buyer, I would have grabbed some more baby stuff that are not really necessary. Being a practical person that I am, I just satisfied myself to buying just the essential ones.

1. Baby Key Rattle

2. Brush and Comb for Baby's Grooming

3. Nasal Aspirator and Nail Clipper